Postpone Elective Procedures

Postpone Elective Procedures

Posted by DISCOUNT DENTAL on May 18 2020, 03:37 AM

Postpone Elective Procedures

While volunteering with the Benton-Franklin Health District, our staff has become highly aware of the current burden of disease in our community. We’ve seen the data firsthand. While other areas of the state have a low prevalence of the disease or are on the downhill slope of the disease, Benton and

Franklin Counties have recently had a rapid increase in new cases and deaths within our communities. Given the situation in our community, Discount Dental will continue to limit procedures to help conserve needed personal protective equipment and limit the spread of disease within the population.

At Discount Dental, we are continuing to uphold the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations. We will postpone elective procedures. However, we will continue to provide care to address oral pain and prevent the progression of the disease.

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