Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings

A dental filling can help to repair the appearance and functionality of damaged teeth, as well as prevent additional tooth decay. You have a variety of materials to choose from, such as composite fillings, porcelain fillings, gold fillings, and so on. With our simple tooth filling procedure at Discount Dental in Pasco, WA, we help our patients find relief from pain and discomfort. The damaged tooth can be restored in a single dental session.

Types of Dental Fillings 

Amalgam Fillings 
Amalgam fillings are constructed of a combination of materials, including mercury, silver, copper, and tin, and are extremely long-lasting.

Composite Resin Fillings
Because composite fillings are tooth-colored, they are more discrete. They are built of a glass or quartz filler mixture and have high durability and resilience to damage, lasting 5 to 10 years with good care and maintenance.

Gold Fillings
Gold fillings are one of the earliest types of dental fillings. They are more expensive than other forms of fillings but are more durable.

Dental Filling Procedure

We will take an X-ray to evaluate the damage to your afflicted tooth structure. Once the problem has been discovered, we will begin the preparation procedure. We will apply a local anesthetic to the area to reduce pain and discomfort throughout the process. This will cause the gums and tooth roots to become numb during the procedure.

After the anesthesia has worn off, we will prepare the tooth for restoration. Dental tools are used to extract the decaying material from the tooth. An acid gel will be used to clean the location, which will aid in the removal of dirt and bacteria.

The composite filling material is designed to match the existing color of your tooth for aesthetic considerations. Dental adhesives will aid in the formation of a strong bond between the tooth and the filling. The produced composite material is then applied to the adhesives and sculpted to match your natural tooth. A curing light is used to solidify the filler. The treatment will be completed with a biting test, and if everything is okay, the tooth will be polished.

Maintain Your Dental Fillings

If you want to avoid infection following your treatment, you must keep your fillings in good condition. Brushing frequently, flossing, using a mouth rinse, and not skipping our dentist appointments can all help you keep your fillings in good health. 

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