This Is How You Save a Knocked-Out Tooth

This Is How You Save a Knocked-Out Tooth

Posted by DISCOUNT DENTAL Dec 23, 2021

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Unforeseen accidents can happen anytime despite precautions. If you have a tooth knocked out of the socket during an accident, you can save yourself from tooth loss by immediately taking the necessary actions. At Discount Dental, the dentists try and save the tooth by providing emergency care.

Various reasons that you may have a knocked-out tooth:

  • An accident while walking, riding,or driving
  • Advanced gum disease 
  • Chewing on hard food and sticky food
  • Contact Sports and games. 

How to Save a Knocked Tooth?

The dentists advise the patients to hold a knocked-out tooth by its crown and not by its root. If there is any dirt or dust on the tooth, it should be rinsed under running water and dried with a cloth. Place the tooth back into the socket and gently push it. The patient may also place a finger on the top of the tooth or close the mouth for a few minutes. 

If you cannot restore your knocked-out tooth, it is important to immediately place the tooth in a glass of milk as it helps keep the tooth moist. Visit the emergency dentist within 30 minutes to save the tooth. Some patients may require dental procedures like root canal therapy which helps to provide a better outcome to the patient. Emergency treatment can help the patient obtain a permanent tooth in their socket.

Consult the Dentist

It might not always be easy to make the right decision without knowing the correct method of action. But it is extremely important to take timely and immediate action during a dental emergency like a knocked tooth. It helps the tooth survive and keeps the patient away from other dental treatments that may cost them their time and money. 

An experienced dentist can provide you with tips that can help take immediate care during an accident that causes dental injuries. When indulging in activities that hold a chance of accidents, take preventative measures by wearing protecting guards that keep your dental structure safe. 

Discount Dental, located at Pasco, WA, has expert dentists and the latest amenities that enable vest dental care facilities for the patients. Dial (509) 212-9227and book an appointment with the dentistry to know more about treatments that can help restore a knocked tooth ot to receive a complete dental checkup for you and your family. 

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