SureSmile Clear Aligners

SureSmile Clear Aligners

SureSmile clear aligners are a popular and effective orthodontic treatment option for individuals seeking to improve the alignment of their teeth. SureSmile clear aligners are custom-made, transparent trays that fit snugly over your teeth. They are designed specifically for you by the dentist using advanced 3D imaging technology.

How Do SureSmile Clear Aligners Work?

The process begins with a consultation, where our dentist will assess your teeth and determine if SureSmile clear aligners are the right fit for you. If so, they will take impressions or use 3D scanning technology to create accurate models of your teeth. Next, using advanced computer software, the dentist will plan out the precise movements needed to achieve optimal alignment. This digital treatment plan allows you to visualize the predicted outcome before even starting the treatment.

Based on this plan, a series of clear aligner trays will be created. Each tray is worn for about two weeks before progressing to the next one in the series. These trays gently and gradually shift your teeth into their desired positions. Throughout treatment, regular check-ups with the dentist will ensure everything is progressing as planned. Adjustments can be made along the way if necessary.

Benefits of Using SureSmile Clear Aligners

SureSmile clear aligners offer a multitude of benefits that make them an attractive option for those seeking to straighten their teeth. 

  • One of the key advantages of using SureSmile aligners is that they are virtually invisible, meaning you can go about your daily activities without feeling self-conscious about your smile.
  • Another benefit of SureSmile clear aligners is their comfort. Unlike traditional braces, which can cause discomfort and irritation, SureSmile aligners are made from smooth and flexible plastic material that fits snugly over your teeth. This ensures a comfortable wearing experience throughout your orthodontic treatment.
  • SureSmile aligners also offer convenience. They are removable, allowing you to easily take them out when eating or brushing your teeth. This means you can still enjoy all your favorite foods without any restrictions and maintain good oral hygiene during the treatment process.
  • In addition to these practical benefits, SureSmile clear aligners also provide efficient results. The advanced technology used in the manufacturing process ensures precise tooth movements, leading to faster treatment times compared to traditional braces.

If you are interested in learning more about our SureSmile clear aligners treatments, visit our office, Discount Dental, at 2735 W Court St, Pasco, WA 99301, or call (509) 212-9227 and schedule an appointment.

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